'Caregiver's Day' at Groote Schuur

On the second Sunday in May, many of us celebrated our Mothers and the strength of women. Historically Mother's Day is about reuniting mothers and children for a day of appreciation. We continue to celebrate the value of Mothers in our lives. In this tradition, Kidzpositive held celebratory tea parties in the Groote Schuur Pediatric Ward (G25).

While not all our clinic children have mothers, they all have wonderful care givers. A Caregiver may be a gogo, an aunt, a sibling, or a housemother – a person who cares, provides emotional support and loves a child. We felt that it was important to include all our care givers in a celebration of Mothers Day

On every clinic day we see Mothers and Caregivers waiting for treatment and consultations. They have a vital role in safely shepherding their children to clinic. They administer drugs and provide a caring and love to our young patients. Even when they themselves are feeling unwell, our caregivers are a force to depend on.

We at Kidzpositive wanted to show our appreciation for the vital role that Mothers and Caregivers continue to provide. This is why we celebrated 'Caregiver's Day' this year. Everyone enjoyed juice and donuts and heard brief talk on the role of Mothers and Caregivers in the work that we all do together.

We took photos of Mothers/Caregivers and their children, which were distributed at future clinics, which we hope will be valued as memorabilia.. . The success of this years Caregiver's Day has encouraged us to turn this Day into a tradition.

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