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We're all increasingly aware of how important it is to be connected to the Internet. Information is at our fingertips. A click of a mouse produces a variety of options for sourcing information, making contacts and keeping in touch. Not so long ago we at Kidzpositive were creating an email address, and then came the Internet site. We continue to strive towards creating awareness about and around our cause and recently spent time looking into how better to get the word out about our organization and what we do.

We have recently created three new technology driven spaces for the Kidzpositive Family Fund. Firstly we signed up onto Facebook. This is a social networking site where supporters of our work can become members, look at recently posted photos, ask questions about us and read our stories. We are registered as 'Kidzpositive: The Positive Beadwork Project'. In this space there is a link to the Kidzpositive website: We have also registered our cause with Greater Good South Africa: Greater Good SA has based its activities on the premise that 'Everyone has something to give. Greater Good South Africa brings good causes and committed givers together in meaningful and innovative ways to end poverty in South Africa... believing in results—driven giving, seeking out opportunities that will have a measurable, life-changing impact on people and their communities... working to level the playing field by giving small, pioneering non profit organisations the same access to funds and capacity development as the better-known causes.' Through this interactive site which allows us to request skills, time, money and goods we hope that we will continue to gain exposure and to receive much of what we need to keep up our work. We are registered as: Kidzpositive Family Fund. Thirdly we have linked up to a South African online wedding directory: Photographer Claire van der Horst offered her services to take a range of 'favour' and concept—based photographs for the website. We are aiming to obtain more Beadowork orders for weddings so that we can continue to provide income—generation and assist in maintaining food security for over 100 of the poorest families in our care.

Taking the technology gap has been exciting. We have learnt it takes time to mould a concept into an image for the Web; and that the process can have spectacular results. New pictures can be generated, shaped and placed and stories shared and responded to within hours. This is an exciting and evolving process to be involved in… One we look forward to continue adding to in the future.

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Ndebele cards

Our new product 'Ndebele cards' feature beautiful ethnic designs on beaded squares with a pin attached so you are buying more than just a card and your purchase is supporting a family affected by HIV/AIDS. The beadwork can be worn as a brooch or pinned to a bag. The cards are R20 each and can be ordered from or inquiries to
+27 21 686 9710.