The New Adolescent Clinic


The adolescent clinic - funded by Sidaction - is an exceptional project within the Kidzpositive Family Fund. The idea of a support group for HIV-positive adolescents was realised after the youths expressed their wish to be separated from the younger children.

Phumula runs the adolescent group and is qualified by Planned Parenthood, South Africa (PPSA). Once a month she meets the adolescents at Groote Schuur Hospital and talks to them about issues such as peer pressure and assertiveness. One of the most difficult things, says Phumula, is the youths are angry at their mothers for being infected with HIV. It takes time for adolescent to understand, that their mothers did not know about their status at the time and to come to terms with themselves being HIVpositive. The boys and girls at the support group do not like to be reminded they are HIV-positive, which is why there are often problems with adherence to medications. The support group offers the adolescents the opportunity to talk about their status and their lives without their parents or other relatives being around. Phumula can also rely on a network where she is able to refer a youth to a psychologist or a social worker. Being able to talk about their feelings openly has created strong and supportive relationships amongst the youths, for whom Phumula has become a mother figure.

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