Adolescent Earth Box Day

Officially 'spring has sprung', however cold spells of rain and winds continue to brace the Cape. As we wait for warmer weather, plans for the introduction of Earth Boxes to our Adolescent Clinic have been on our minds. With the success of the pilot implementation at Nazareth House last year it was decided that the adolescent group at Groote Schuur should be given the opportunity to learn about Earth Boxes and take one home to nurture and care for themselves. This concept is two&mdsah;fold. Firstly the Earth Box provides a means of growing a garden to provide a small sustenance of spring and summer vegetables for their families. Secondly sowing seedlings and caring for them as they grow provides a valuable lesson: as one cares for vegetables they grow and can be plucked and eaten. Similarly if we care for our bodies, feed them well, water them and treat them with care and respect our health can be maintained. Adolescence in itself is a time of major upheaval, confusion and changes. Adding to this equation living with HIV/AIDS, our adolescents experience a range of troublesome and difficult realities.

Through organizing an Earth Box Day at Groote Schuur for our adolescent patients we aim to fulfill a number of goals. Firstly to create a fun, relaxed environment for socializing and meeting other teenagers where lunch will be served and time spent relaxing. Secondly a demonstration on how the Earth Box works and the opportunity to have an Earth Box set up at home will be given. Thirdly to instill within this group of active, energetic teenagers the concept of caring for themselves through caring for their Earth Boxes, showing them that commitment to an activity can produce an end equation of health, wellbeing and positive outcomes.

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