Ballarat Gifts

Ballarat Grammer School is situated in the outback of Australia – a far cry from the Kidzpositive/ Groote Schuur pediatric ARV clinic in Cape Town, South Africa. However there is a strong social link between the learners of Ballarat and their support of the Bead Work Project, which sustains on average 100 families with a small weekly income. Through an ongoing connection, the Bead Work project has made to order beaded broaches, flags and ribbons for Ballarat Grammer.

Recently the learners of Ballarat made handmade cards with personal messages written in them to the Bead Work mums. A donation was also sent which allowed for each card (a total of 75) to receive a R100 shopping gift voucher to Shoprite/Checkers stores. The cards were handed over to the group of bead workers, whom on receiving the cards could not hide their joy at the beautifully created cards and letters from the children at Ballarat.

This gesture holds much merit. Showing appreciation for the work that the bead workers do is a vital element in creating feelings of worth and value about the work that they produce. An unexpected and personal gift of a handmade card and a voucher boosted morale and created a buzz of energy around the clinic. This gesture is highly appreciated.

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Ndebele cards

Our new product 'Ndebele cards' feature beautiful ethnic designs on beaded squares with a pin attached so you are buying more than just a card and your purchase is supporting a family affected by HIV/AIDS. The beadwork can be worn as a brooch or pinned to a bag. The cards are R20 each and can be ordered from or inquiries to
+27 21 686 9710.