A venture into support for rural health care: Kidzpositive and the Keiskamma Trust

Kidzpositive shares fundamental values and goals with the Keiskamma Trust. The Trust is based at the village of Hamburg in the Peddie district of the Eastern Cape Province, share fundamental values and goals. One might say we are soul-sisters. The difference between us is that Kidzpositive benefits from the resources of a city.

The Keiskamma Trust has done remarkable work, providing many opportunities for their rural community (visit www.keiskamma.org) and are now taking on the daunting task of improving health care delivery to 126 hill-top villages in the Peddie district. There are already 40 village health workers supporting children and families receiving ARVs. Kidzpositive will be assisting our new, rural partners in marketing products of the Keiskamma Art project an d in developing their village health worker programme.

The Keiskamma altarpiece currently on display
In the Slave Lodge, Adderley Street, Cape Town

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Ndebele cards

Our new product 'Ndebele cards' feature beautiful ethnic designs on beaded squares with a pin attached so you are buying more than just a card and your purchase is supporting a family affected by HIV/AIDS. The beadwork can be worn as a brooch or pinned to a bag. The cards are R20 each and can be ordered from beads@kidzpositive.org or inquiries to
+27 21 686 9710.