Market Day and Mobile Boxes

Kate Gray

It is market day in Daylesford and Bunninyong, Australia. Pupils from Ballarat Grammar, Nick, Seb, and Josh are heading for the one town and Hannah and Sophie for the other with 'mobile boxes' of Positive Beadwork and other charity products to set up their stall. This is one of the ways in which Doug Rose, a teacher at the school, is encouraging the pupils to sell the beadwork in the community. I asked him more about this initiative.

Can any pupil take a box? Any studentonly has to book the box and it is theirs for the weekend. I ask that a parent is in close call in case of an incident. It turns out they too like to help.

Is it a campaign for a specific grade?

NO! It's open to any level and also boarders who can get them out into the country towns. They then end up in schools, hospitals and so it spreads. Often there is the phone call from people who saw the beadwork at the markets and they want more.

What are the reactions of pupils to the first time they have taken a box and gone 'selling'?

In all cases they want to do it again. I then have to be careful that any student who wants to, has the opportunity to take a mobile box to the market place. In each case the whole operation will be run by students and I will only be at the interviews. Although a teacher by profession, Doug excels in his marketing and sales strategies. In the Football season there are pupils on the supporters' buses selling beaded pins in team colours to the fans. At the time of the Commonwealth Games, Doug persuaded the Melbourne Museum to buy 5000 beaded flag pins of 33 different countries for sale in their shop. In addition, he is always on the look out for news of campaigns in community organizations or schools and encourages them to place orders for custom-designed pins. Since their involvement in 2004, Ballarat Grammar initiatives have contributed over R500 000 to Positive Beadwork and we thank this school community for the innovative ways in which they have embraced the project.

Their efforts have made a HUGE difference to the families who depend on this project.

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